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Opana ER 5 mg is a narcotic analgesics class drug, it can be Identified as a Blue Color pill that is Round in shape. “E612 5” is written on one side of the tablet and is plain with no imprint on another side.

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Opana ER 5 mg is an extended-release Pain Killer Tablet. It helps in relieving severe ongoing pain. it is a long-acting pain medication.

Side Effects:

Common Side effects of this medicine are Chest pain, Slow Heart rate, Fever, Headache, vomiting, indigestion, and sedation. Some side effects are not common in most people but need not worry about include Euphoric mood, Temporary breathing suspension, and Agitation. For some people, this medicine can cause serious side effects may occur. these side effects may include Mood changes, Vision Change, abdominal pain.

How Long Does Opana ER 5 mg Last in the body?

This is a slow-releasing Drug. It starts working in 60-90 minutes. The effects of this medicine can be felt for 11-12 hours.

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