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ativan 1 mg tablet Anxiety disorders such as generalized anxiety disorder (excessive worry or restlessness), obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), panic attacks, and social phobias are treated with Ativan 1mg Tablet, a prescription medication. It’s also used to treat depressive symptoms in the short term.


Identification – RX 773

strength – 1mg

color – White

Size – 6mm

Shape – Round

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Buy ativan 1 mg tablet online\order ativan 1 mg tablet online


Ativan 2 mg is used in treating various disorders like Insomnia, status epilepticus, and anxiety. It produces a calming effect on the nerves and the brain.

Side Effects:

Some common side effects may appear when using Ativan for the first few times, which will disappear after some time. These Side Effects include Drowsiness, blurred vision, headache, lack of coordination, and fatigue. If you feel these symptoms getting worse or like aggression, drooping eyelids, dark urine, stomach pain, sleep problems, and trouble swallowing. Then you must contact the medical helpline right away.

How Long Does Ativan 2 mg last?

In about 20 to 30 minutes, an individual will start feeling the effects of Ativan. After 1 hour, the effect of Ativan is at its peak, lasting 6 to 8 hours.

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4 reviews for Buy ativan 1 mg tablet online

  1. Edmondson

    I have spent years trying meditation, counseling and mindfulness, I have tried nuerofeedback. I saw this program and was 100% skeptical.
    There is work to do–in as much as I commit to that– I see results. I went through the 8 week program and I feel so much better. I have much further to go, but I have tools now.
    In so many ways I see life changing for a more peaceful, relaxed and confident direction.

  2. Ann Bachman

    I have struggled with anxiety my whole life and when my body started to shut down I know I needed some help in healing my body. An answered prayer popped on my phone screen and after my breakthrough call with Ryan I knew this was the right path for me. The relief, trust, community, and encouragement is exactly what I was looking for. From desperation to more peace these tools I have learned will be things I use the rest of my life. Forever grateful.

  3. Bob

    If you suffer from Anxiety, depression, stress, overwhelm, you must learn the tools that Coach Mike and his team teach. Forever greatful!

  4. Merissa

    Only great things to say about this company! So glad they have a student program! Before I entered this program, I was shut down, struggling socially, struggling in school…basically struggling in life. This program has given me such focus and clarity and the community has been a great support. This is truly, the class they don’t teach you in school BUT they really should! It would help so many!

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